NCR RealPoS XR7 Touch Screen EPoS Terminal

RealPoS XR7 Enterprise Range of PoS Retail Terminals.
NCR new RealPOS(TM) XR7 point-of-sale terminal offers the sleek high-tech look of a tablet to mesh with new store design demands combined with the retail- hardened long life retailers expect. Featuring a range of 4th Generation Intel processors thru to i5 and with a choice of 15″ touch screen or 18.5″ wide screen touch monitor, the NCR XR7 covers all of the requirements that retailers need to run their business.
As is the case with all NCR retail systems, RealPoS XR7 is retail hardened – in other words it is tested in approved laboratories to ensure that it is suitable for the rigors commonly encountered in retail environments. Many other PoS Touch Screen Terminals are not subjected to the same testing, so they are not as reliable as NCR PoS Systems and frequently fail at an early stage of their life
NCR retail technology is designed with a view to delivering unbeatable Return on Investment, with a minimum 5 year product life cycle and 5 years spare parts availability after the product is end of life (EOL).

Memory: 16GB
Hard Disk: no
Screen Size: 15
Touch Technology: PCAP
Operating System: Linux
Colour: Black
IP Rating: No
WiFi: Yes
Printer: Yes
Scanner: Yes
Magnetic Swipe Reader: Yes
Bluetooth: No
Camera: No
Weight Up To: No
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