Encompassing hotels, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, nightclubs, etc, the Hospitality market is more service oriented than retail markets in general, with specific requirements that are unique to hospitality and in turn to each of the verticals within the hospitality sector.

Hotels are probably the most broad ranging as while they have a unique requirement in terms of how they manage accommodation, they may also have bars, restaurants, nightclubs, spas, etc as an integral part of their business model. On the other hand some hotels simply offer accomodation. Mobile PoS (MPoS) based solutions have long been a successful platform for the hospitality sector due to the immediate business benefit of, for example, allowing customers to be served at their table and having the order sent to the food preparation area or bar, thereby allowing the staff member to move quickly & efficiently to the next customer. Self Service

Kiosks are becoming more prominent in hospitality, particularly in the Quick Service Restaurant sector where customers can place and pay for their food at their convenience allowing the restaurateur to reduce waste, increase efficiency and run their business more effectively.